Hamilton vs Verstappen: Who was to blame? | British GP | The F1 Breakdown

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Today’s race had a terrific Lap 1 battle, which was regrettably finished in an event. It was at high speed, in a really tricky corner. So let me break down the event and give you my thoughts, as somebody who has raced comparable vehicles around this awesome track!

It is not over until it is over! Look how an enrapturing race played out at sunny Silverstone with action right until the last lap!

Do tell me what you think, down in the remarks!

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  1. @Paul Christensen He didn’t miss the apex all that badly really though. It looked about 2 feet off at the most. Considering it’s early with tyres & brakes sub optimal and just being put onto the dirty line with the sudden lunge by Max it puts it in the realm of first lap racing incidents.
    The moves later even though they were on worn tyres were still made with better heat levels and from a better line.

  2. this is kinda like a car passing a big rig and cutting it off as the car moves into the lane the big rig was in.. the big rig hit me as i was merging into the lane.. but look at the damage on your car.. you hit the front of the big rig with your door.. you were not clear of the big rig.. same thing happened to Hallie Deegan a week or two ago.. she was at the lead cars drivers door and they came down to cut her off. then complained she spun them. i know.. Blame the spotters..

  3. I agree with your analysis and i utterly disagree with the skyf1 commentators thinking of this being a racing incident. Sadly I also see a pattern here. It is not the first time Hamilton sticks a wheel in like this trying to bully his way in the corner. This accident shows how risky that kind of move is. With the amount of understeer and his direction he might even have run out of track, had it not being for the punt to Verstappens car. The penalty was not much of a penaly was it? Considering the amount of time distance the top 3-4 drivers normally have to the rest, 10 seconds is nothing.
    Leclerc got a 3 place gridpenalty for a similar (well he was at the apex though) accident in Sakhir 2020 at much lower speeds. Hamilton should at least have gotten a stop&go, since he could continue after being saved from his proken rim by the red flag.

  4. @Matija Perkovic 1. Would you say the same thing if Hamilton was instead on the outside and Max took the inside line thus creating an advantage to Max to take the lead after the corner?
    2. Would you have also driven into Hamilton if you were on the outside lane and left the braking for late so you can try to overtake because you have the racing line speed and thus could put yourself right in front of Hamilton thus taking the lead?

  5. carlo von sexron

    the thing is Hamilton got a penalty for his role in the crash, you can argue all day every day that it wasn’t good enough but that’s what the stewards gave him and he recovered. If the roles where reversed it would of been the same outcome and same penalty. How many times has Max forced people of the track and you don’t here a peep about it? or Leclerc getting away with all sorts of sorts of incidents. Damned if you do. damned if you don’t

  6. What is unappropriate is lewis could killed max and he didn’t apologized to him instead celebrated like nothing happens

  7. Patrick Manzumbu

    I heard what you just said, please have a look at the battle between Ricciardo and Norris in 2019, same place, same moment, differents drivers.

  8. Hammo did the sane to Charles and he got pushed off and nothing said!!!!

  9. Rus Radu Cosmin

    max bullied hamilton into the wall as he always does… so lewis couldn’t make the racing line so he understeered wide
    the crash was forced by verstappen who after being so agresive defending and seeing lewis was already along side on the inside.. he should have acknowledged the other car there and try a very wide entry

  10. YESSSSS He IS to blame. Seperate from the Race accident…. his behaviour the rest of the race and after that….. He lost my sympathy for once and always. What a douchebag

  11. Max could have kept to the outside, last time I checked it was called F1 Racing

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