Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is really, really, really good (Impressions)

Thanks to Nvidia and Mwave for supporting the video clip.

It is too soon to be ringing the victory gong at this point but if 343 can stick the landing on this then we may just be in the for the greatest Halo multiplayer experience in over a decade.

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  1. James Mannsfield


  2. Had a really good time at the Halo Infinite beta test. I agree with many of your points and me playing on a low tier GPU (GTX 1050Ti) I do feel they could polish performance a bit more, probably full-screen mode will help with that as well. For me the CQS48 Bulldog shotgun felt quite good actually, but need to be at it’s optimal range for it to be strong. My Fav weapons been the Ravager as main and the MK50 Sidekick pistol is very strong as sidearm, the Gravity Hammer is very fun if you are able to get close enough and punching is surprisingly strong. From the pick-ups Threat Sensor and the Drop Wall (breaks to fast) felt useless to me, while the Repulsor is very situational and need to be lucky to time your deflect right, the Overshield and Active Camo are very strong and the Grappleshot is amazing. Vehicles could use some tuning in my opinion as well, the ghost seems a bit to strong compared to others. Though had some fun plays hijacking enemy vehicles.

  3. Campaign co-op is delayed but we can solo play the campaign on release, yeah?
    Because the xbox store only says multiplayer is launching this year.

  4. It’s a Feddy pc…but my god is it glorious…

  5. Seems underwhelming

  6. Finish the game, then we can talk if Halo is back. Cause right now? Those cut features, has me heavily conflicted. And we don’t even know if the Campaign is good as well as the hours of content it will have.

  7. Great video!! Perfect balance between jokes, knowledge, history, gameplay and opinions. Thank you for that

  8. I’m excited, I think they’ve gotten a lot right. There are some changes that need to still happen (plasma pistol still needs to EMP and drop shields, gravity hammer needs to actually have more physics on the objects you hit, ect.) but I’m excited. Sprint being dialed back is a good compromise. I could go on but it would be pointless. I’m excited

  9. I’m shocked you had issues. I run a 1060ti, and ran on medium/high settings with no issues

  10. Can you fly in this game?

  11. As a Playstation player I’m Super excited to get my hands on this for my PC. Used to love halo when I had a Xbox now it’s looking like a return to form!

  12. Hey man, are you going to do the Outerwilds DLC review anytime soon?

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