Halo Infinite | Winter Update Overview

Winter is coming. Our newest Overview takes a look at all the new content coming in Halo Infinite’s Winter Update like Campaign Network Co-Op, Forge Beta, Free 30-tier Battle Pass, and much more. Get ready and hear directly from our team at 343 Industries about what you can anticipate at launch on November 8.

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  1. November 8th feels so long but that’s just like three and a half weeks until then

  2. That platform that FORGE has, are we supposed to build on that or can we build on the outside of it?

  3. It’s so hard to be excited because I’m so pissed. Trying to be hopeful

  4. Ok, that thing about co op grieving is cool, we all love that


  6. 10:54 That looks Awsome

  7. Interested in Forge.

  8. will they fix packet loss?

  9. Im still trying to understand why people want a match XP system, that is seperated from the battlepass. I don’t understand the purpose of that

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