The long expected unveil is at long last here! Haiden Deegan signs his pro contract with Factory Star Yamaha!!!

NEW MERCH!!! https://shopdeegan38.com

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We are the Deegan family, and we are back with another unwell video clip! We upload every day video clips of our insane family; Haiden, Hailie, Hudson, and Brian!

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  1. Kinda feel for the kid, if he doesn’t live up to all the hype it’s going to be nasty but that’s racing.

  2. Wow. Great looks

  3. Hello, Humans.

  4. Would be amazing to hang out with the family.

  5. Yamaha, ditch Rallye Motoplex & Marine. Yeah shove it up your a$$. Go 38!

  6. Ya’ll need to be humble or you’re going to lose the true moto fans you have. I was surprised by how many people don’t really like DangerBoy because they feel he’s arrogant, didn’t like the track cutting at Gatorback or treatment of lapped riders he stuffs.
    Just a heads up…ball is in your court.
    He looks good!

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