Hacking a bizarre TV censoring device

0:00 – What is the TV Guardian
0:50 – Circuit board analysis
3:15 – Removing and connecting to the ROM
6:10 – Extracting data from the ROM
14:22 – Analyzing the contents of the ROM



  1. What sorcery is this did you escape from hog warts?

  2. The fact this video made #4 for gaming just shows how superior he is to not have to play a game to reach the top

  3. How were you allowed to post this???

  4. The obvious next step is to turn this device into it’s opposite.

    The TV Demon. Turn nice clean content into horrible dirty, and depraved content!

  5. It might be interesting to get the 1.0 data list and see how this device evolved over time.

    My guess is enough people complained that their kids were watching “Jerk Van Gay” reruns every day, and got tired of explaining to their dimwitted kids why Dick Van Dyke was a bad man that needed to be censored.

  6. wow jut wow what filth have i seen.
    just the best part thank you

  7. All the naughty works on EEPROM, huh. I wonder if there were versions for other languages as well.
    Given that it’s using a PIC micro for the brains (and assuming it’s read protected) it would be cool to see if there’s a bug or exploit that could be used to get the code off of that as well.

  8. Ah yes, that explains jerk-a-doodle-do then!

  9. Ah yes, The Jerk Van Gay Show. I remember it fondly.

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