Gwen, The Hallowed Seamstress Ability Reveal | New Champion

The new champ Gwen, the Hallowed Seamstress is here!

Video clip contains Gwen Abilities descriptions.

00:00 Passive
00:18 Q Ability
00:38 W Ability
01:11 E Ability
01:25 R Ability
01:46 Splash Art


  1. Mid laners 😣

  2. Her ult is the old irelia’s ult

  3. So her w is like xin zhao ult but a lot stronger

  4. yeah i guess that her E attackin really does RIME refund against champs

  5. my personal account

    Imagine building tank gwen

  6. Arda Onur Sezgin

    Riot took people seriously when they said the next champion is a cutesy little girl from the shadow isles in the seraphine reveal comment section.

  7. der viego denkt sich so: ich habe garnix gemakt, garnix

  8. Here comes an even more annoying Irelia

  9. Aggelos Oikonomidhs

    Now it make sense

  10. I Left my Cake in the Car and the Kids in the Oven

    Atleast they didn’t give her a click to target stun on a 5 sec cooldown.

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