Guys Buy Our Outfits! Makeover Challenge! – Merrell Twins

Alex and Aaron gave us makeovers… who do you think did the finest?

#makeover #tat #twins

twin my heart comedy merrell twins live sibling challenge


  1. the guys did awesome and the girls look sick win win

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  3. The hat …. it’s always the hat 😂

  4. vanessa merrell is wearing a bucket hat; my name is sofia lolllll. love u guys

  5. Isabella Blaaberg

    I live for Vanessa’s relationship with bucket hats!

  6. Monique Potatoton

    Omgggg this was such a fun vidddd. Yknow roni being a natural at her style xD The outfits were both cute. Great job to the boys xD And girls you look pwetty ;3!!! Also, if you would like i came up with a video idea ( idk if i came up with this but yehoo lol ) where you and nessa swich styles for a week.

  7. I like how Alex says, Girr !!!!

  8. Krystal Crompton

    I love these 4 together! Videos are so much fun!

  9. Lame that a video like this Trends and gets views, … shining example of everything that is “wrong” with people and YouTube.

  10. Franchesca Doval

    is Alex dating vannessa and is Veronica dating Aren

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