Guy rates his exes

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  1. The scream that came out of my mouth with Cody’s “so what, the feet pics meant nothing to you?” bit 💀


  2. if all of my vastly different exes thought I was mid in bed and a walking red flag AND BROADCAST IT ON A FUCKING YOUTUBE VIDEO? self-imposed celibacy time honestly you need to tuck that package away and sign up for some serious therapy

  3. This is top 10 Cody ko videos

  4. how do u have that many exes.. i got one LOL

  5. Bro dated the whole college brochure

  6. this is so messed up omg

  7. jeffrey dahmer

  8. Damn this was a wild ride. At first it was funny to watch them roast him about their experiences with him and how he was bad.. then you feel a little bad because you can tell some of them are in still in love with him.. then you feel sad when they turn it into a therapy session and talk about how they tried and he was kind of a piece of shit to them. Oh my god and then to have Josh come in and rank them and you can see some of their hearts sink.. ahhhh it hurts I can’t watch but I can’t look away

  9. Guy rates his ex’s:

    Fuck you

    Fuck you

    Fuck you

    Fuck you

    Fuck you

    and fuck you

  10. flip flop guy is pretty chill

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