Gulf of Mexico an undersea gas pipeline ruptured causing the ocean to ‘catch fire’

A fire on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico exploded after a gas leak from an underwater pipeline sparked a blaze, as reported by Mexico’s state-owned Pemex petrol company.

Footage of the fire – appearing to boil the sea’s surface with bright orange flames – went viral on 2 July before the fire was extinguished roughly 150 yards from a drilling platform in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, the company reported.

The company stated that “no wounds or evacuations are reported.”


  1. Daniel Cantarero

    didnt learn from the first time the pipe burst,,

  2. Bible verse

  3. Incredible, we can also set the sea on fire, by now it is clear that we are a pest species for this planet, the fact is that these multinationals make us slaughter each other for racial or religious reasons, fueling the social conflict, giving us fake enemies to fight so as not to let us turn our anger against them, the real culprits
    it’s absurd how millions of idiots mobilize to erase a person because he touched an ass, or made an offensive joke, while no one protests against the multinationals that are killing us all

  4. This is the perfect chance to say “water in the fire, why!!!! notto understand.”

  5. Meanwhile Pernex petrol company releases an ad.
    “Sorry.” “We’re sorry.” “We didn’t mean to set the sea on fire, we were just digging for fun. Sorry.”

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