GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- Season Pass 2 Playable Character #3 [Bedman?] Trailer

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GUILTY GEAR : the next entry to the series

■The destiny of the cosmos will be determined…
The tale of Guilty Gear, spanning over 2 decades, will finally come to a determination in “GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-“. The trials and tribulations of the series’ heroes and villains will finally be decided. Find the amazing truth anticipating at the finish of all things.

Check out the play style of the Third character in Season Pass 2, Bedman?, in this trailer.



  1. Well,those fans do make arts ideas.

  2. If fans wanna joy do arts and well a least do not make stupid ideas

  3. A girl with brother’s bed machine

  4. ONI employee #343

    I can’t wait for this character(s) to go live. Not only for the game itself, but also because these theme goes absolutely wild and I want it in my playlist!

  5. Yooooooo! Bed is finally playable

  6. god the voice acting is so well done

  7. this is basically just a depressed ap seminar student going through the works

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  9. The last character has GOT to be Johnny otherwise I’m gonna hold someone hostage and commit other crimes.

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