Guess The Question From The Answers (Game)

Today, we are playing reverse Family Feud! GMMORE # 2308

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  1. 17:25 the synchronized head twitch 😂

  2. …how did you turn Family Feud into Jeopardy

  3. I can attest Atlanta loves gay lovemaking

  4. “Something best male friends do with eachother” *among us sting* 🤨

  5. i am from atlanta and can confirm that we love gay lovemaking

  6. The face link made when Rhett said “some thing two best friends do!” For gay lovemaking 😭😭😂😂

  7. Not wrong about Atlanta lol 😂

  8. Why does it feel like Rhett doesn’t even like Link anymore

  9. The last one I would’ve just said “Saturday is for the boys”.

  10. Is that Bill Cosby’s old sweater??

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