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  1. I already know that2 was Preston because when he hold your hand I realized when I looked in 1 of my photos oh and and chat cause of course my friend took a photo of you I saw that2 was holding her hand like Preston so I said Preston so I said Preston you are a deer I know you’re a deer so don’t trick me in up please she knows you soNo thank youPreston
    Girl I know you know your pristine you’ve been married for so long you could never ever forget him he’s a married for life say if you didn’t get him you better eat it you be like yes Fake then because well No briana forgets her No briana forgets her therapy yeah I got yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeahtherapy
    I am I like a subscriber but to Preston’s kindle I’m not Because Preston do boring pranks we did a better pranks like you Brianna maybe he’ll be like a rockstar oh no you’re just a star aren’t you Brianna you make me and I love you BU forever yeah yeah yeah ha ha ha Having fun with you watching your video sing you smile I love to see your smiles it’s my fault me now that I made you happy No I need to give you a message for me tomorrow
    I’m gonna give you $488 tomorrow only if you give me only like $15And I’ll give you the $4,800 I know is big big darling you could ride it or ride it don’t get a horse if it don’t get in the hood then you probably have they would be right as someone running you with a ride you ride around to the red team you will probably eat you know maybe you will eat it you don’t know that Alexa play the

  2. 2 I feel like it’s Preston

  3. Jessica Scrichfield


  4. It’s too I saw him takeoff his mask

  5. 2the😊☺️😃😄😁

  6. Really makes you appreciate the fact that both Sean and Mark were so thoroughly spooked by the mannequin that they both used it as their intro.

  7. Cory I am high key really enjoying the energy and effort you’re putting into this serious. Keep this up man, this has become something I look forward too everyday, but don’t force yourself everyday to grind these out, your time is precious remember that. 😉

  8. I am your biggest fan I bet I could help you find Preston but this is too late to be a live video I hope you find him in the right number

  9. And I am10

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