Gucci Mane – Truth (Official Music Video)


The official YouTube channel of Atlantic Records artist Gucci Mane.


    • I have 💯💯💯💯💯 respect for you king, you handle everything your way, I didn’t come to talk boy, I came to play music… I wanted you to say where was that BLM when you put a hit out on me, so get on with that BLM s*** I see the change in you and am proud that you ending it your way 💯 🤴🏿🤴🏿

    • FOH—->>> #WHEREsRADRICK SMFH you TRIED it, WoW.

    • Bad man 4 life! Definition of what it means to be a living legend! Keep ridin my G

    • @Tim Tiss Who living??? Unless the real Radrick behind the scene leading this ishhh.. I’m not getting the dick riding. Are you people blind or jus dont give no uff where your entertainment comes from?? Ok, I get its a character but come on. #OWNED smh

    • Kind of lame to post this now

  1. I use to thump dizz shit here back in 05 straight outta da burl🔥👁🔥

  2. I aint a fuckin rappin niggah im a fuckin grave digger🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. #GucciMane #TruTh

  4. Who’s here after the battle?

  5. Re upload Gucci petty 😂

  6. What a baffoon!

  7. I miss the bloated constipated Gucci

  8. When Gucci said “I’m smoking Pookie” yesterday
    Jeezy was like “🏃🏻”

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