Gucci Mane – Proud Of You (Official Music Video)

Gucci Mane – Proud Of You (Official Music Video)
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The official YouTube channel of Atlantic Records artist Gucci Mane.


  1. Everybody losing weight im liking this.

  2. Great to finally hear Kenny doing more.


  4. alejandro delgado

    I need to kno wat lotion ? he using for his beard to grow like tha ??

  5. i love the old gucci, he was so baddass??

  6. This ain’t Gucci … who is this?

  7. GUCCI!!!

  8. Who all read The Autobiography Of Gucci Mane?

  9. rolldee tha great

    Guwop came a lonnnnggg wayyy I am prada youuu

  10. Like if Gucci a Goat!

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