GTA 6 Has Been Leaked…

Hi people and gals, it is me Mutahar again! One of the largest games on the planet appears to have some footage that we can see for the very first time. How is it? Let’s find out! Thanks for watching!


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  2. New research on Antarctica, including the first map of iceberg calving, doubles the previous estimates of loss from ice shelves and details how the continent is changing.

  3. Bonnie and Clyde story sounds so cool

  4. dat unknown women tho😈

  5. at this point rockstar should just release gta 6 for couple decades

  6. Playing as a female…… hard pass

  7. Greatest Of Antonio Time Greatest Of Antonio Time

    Wtf is on yo bottom lip bruh 😂😂

  8. Boring

  9. I was actually very interested with the leak. It’s neat to see things in development, how they use certain menus n stuff.

    • I know we don’t know anything about these protagonists but they already seem kinda weak and forgettable. They seem like npc’s Trevor would eat

  10. It’s amazing how much of our time is spent before the TV while the New world order is takeing place before us people losing rights to justice while we seek these things that dont Benefit us emotionally or spiritually the lord is coming may we cast away all things before the door is closed

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