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GRWM for the very first day back to school for Junior year 2022💫 Time flies by, it appears like Freshman year was just the other day! Let us make the finest of this year, and strive to be finer variation of the person we were the previous day and enjoy the Present time❤️

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Love you all ❤️


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Maya Love
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❓FAQ ❓
Age: 15
Height: 5’4
Weight: 118-120
Ethnicity: African American/ Middle Eastern, Palestinian

Thank you for viewing!!
Love you all ❤️

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  1. Hey ♥️ hope y’all enjoyed the video ♥️ It’s already been two weeks into school time is going by so fast 😭 Can’t wait to vlog and documenta my junior year ♥️ What grade are y’all going too this year??

  2. Can you do a what on my iPhone pt 2

  3. The fact that I watched you grow feels like you was just a 8th grader 🥹 time really flys

  4. Hey where do u find your mashed up sounds from?

  5. where did you get the necklace you was wearing with the blue shirt from

  6. the intro was so cute omggg

  7. Isabella gisselle

    Girl your content is itt, but i wanted to know what breed ur dog is

  8. My first time ever watching you was your 9th grade grwm bc I was a freshman as well and I have watched you ever since!💕

  9. iiamtherealbre🫶🏽

    Hey may i have the Hair link please

  10. Definitely the most annoying child in that school. 🤢🤮

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