GRM *are me and Justin still together *


  1. I’m so happy to see that a young women like you can make adult decisions for yourself and know that self love is best! Staying in something just because or just to make the other happy is not ideal. You guys should remain friends if anything. But I’m loving the woman you are becoming, keep GOD first and the rest will follow !

  2. Why did you wait until now to say all this since you were so “unhappy” all of a sudden. Then you said you stayed with him to keep him happy so you were basically leading him on all this time for what Brooklyn

  3. 🤍🤍🤍.

  4. No one knows what’s goes on behind close doors, I’m glad you love yourself enough to let go but why did u wait so long to opt ? U even accepted a promise ring from cinco , he seem nice at least for the camera. all I’m saying is why u waited so long ? I’ll 4eva support both of u tho .

  5. Damn After he took you to Disney

  6. He’s going to be messed up for a while ..damn

  7. she did the absolute most when that music came on , I love her but I cringed so hard 😂

  8. if u wasn’t happy why pretend on social media and why waste his time? justin seems like a rlly good guy and do his best to satisfy you and for u to say u wasn’t happy but still sticking around is gone fuck him up mentally he could most def find better cs u dnt give gf material 😂


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