Grimace is Dying


  1. 🌟Cream of America

    What I notice about both youtube and twitch is—in the pursuit of EQUALITY FOR ALL CONTENT CREATORS—they bring them DOWN instead of UP. Are these company execs incapable of understanding the abstract social platform dynamics involved in their decision making? It looks like it, otherwise they are just being mean on purpose. Not friendly at all.

  2. Youtube vs. Twitch is the dumbest competition between rivals ever. It’s like watching two ship captains taking turns to poke holes in their own ships, while the rats scurry back and forth based on which one is the least waterlogged.

  3. Twitch is dying need more P*rn Model Streamer. Twitch needs more b*tch so the mod can work one hand again.

  4. I watched all the ads on this video

  5. I really thought he was about to start this video with Cotton Eye Joe lyrics

  6. Man y’all make a “_____ is Dying” video every year about services that are still here.

  7. before any company does anything they should talk to charlie

  8. Twitch and the streamers deserve to lose alllll their money.

  9. I remember jerma saying that if this happens, he would stop streaming on twitch

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