Greatest Dodgeball Tournament EVER! Ft. RDCWorld1, AMP, Jidion, and MORE!

LIVE From DreamCon on July 15th! Dodgeball comes back with protecting champs RDCWorld1 taking on the victor of AMP vs. Team Dream (feat, @JiDion , @ImStillDontai , @Vader’s Fortress , @CalebCity and @AfroSenju XL)


@Kai Cenat
@Duke Dennis
@Agent 00 Gaming
@ImDavisss Deluxe


  1. Some Of the most fun I ever had

  2. Some Of the most fun I ever had

  3. Duke a super soldier lol that 360. Fanum was like weave weave 😂

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  5. Great vid but gotdayum let me be the anccouncer

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  7. Bruh come on AMP let down again

  8. There’s something special about Rage being here man waited years for this

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