I did not have any part of coming up with this entire notion, but saw it yesterday evening and believed it was pretty cool.

Hoping all this will not last long, but until then…

Remain healthy & ENJOY!!!

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  1. Sorry, took abit to edit this and kinda too late to order food now.. (or maybe not) 🤔

    Just wanted to say whats up & check in. More Challenges to come!
    Stay safe & healthy everyone!


    Helo món ăn thật ngon từ tay nghề của bạn .thật hấp dẫn khi thấy bạn làm món này

  3. The Walkthrough Specialist

    Not very helpful for quarantine buying so much food for yoursrlf

  4. You film it, I’ll watch it!

  5. Elisabetta Paddon

    Such a loving caring guy

  6. If you over came the sour patch kids Corona ain’t shit lol

  7. Damn dude. If I were you, I would just freeze that. I’m in India and can only walk to the nearest place to buy grocery till april 15.

  8. How in the fuck is this dude gonna get food when there’s a curfew 😂😂😂😂

  9. Is it just me..or does Matt Stonie have different eye colors? One eye is brown and the other one is silver/grey..idk…

  10. Eat some toilet paper

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