Great Britain vs. USA Highlights | 2023 World Baseball Classic

Team Great Britain takes on Team USA in Pool Play!

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  1. Opinionated Peach

    The Queen would roll in her grave over on that line drive to second base. And how dare u sip tea at third u dbag.

  2. I know times are tough,… but dang,… those Great Britain uniforms look horrible! Lol

  3. if usa isn’t willing to have their best players play, then they shouldn’t even bother playing in this, they are embarassing usa.they couldn’t even compete with mexico today.

  4. 大不列顛不愧祖國

  5. Baseball is 100X harder than sissy cricket!

  6. How come they aren’t on TV. Atleast I haven’t seen them yet. 4 years ago and 4 more after that they did because I love the classics. Wish other sports did it too.

  7. Fire your jersey designer

  8. やはりアメリカは強いなぁ

    Soch Rangmanch presented the stories of acid attack survivor.

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