Grealish & Saka Link Up, Maguire’s Skills 🔥 & Intense Games In The Heat 🥵 | Inside Training

Catch the Three Lions stepping up their preparation in advance of their first World Cup game against Iran featuring Grealish and Saka’s telepathic link-up play, Maguire’s abilities show & intensive small-sided games in the basking heat!

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  1. As an english I really hope rashford performs for this world cup, goodluck england ❤

  2. Wilson to start 👀

  3. just make sure saka starts that is all.

  4. As soon as he looks up you’re there

  5. jack saying “it is well hot” is probably the most jack grealish thing i have ever seen/heard

  6. ·〰Poofie~Baku〰·💘

    You’re a smart cookie.

  7. Ankara Maguire

  8. Mount’s already burning!

    Put sunscreen on boys

  9. In the inevitable fallout between different monarchsc Grumbot will awaken and spit out but one message:

    Mumbo for Mayor

  10. Harry maguiree

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