GOTTA SEE IT: Kevin Durant Helped Off Floor After Apparent Leg Injury

Kevin Durant had to be helped off the floor after he wounded himself planting his foot down uncomfortably and could not put any weight on his leg afterwards.

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  1. Say what the HELL you want,,
    BUT KD IS A DAMN WARRIOR IN MY EYES! He tried to prove everyone wrong. I’m so CRUSHED about the results that came with it! ?

  2. I don’t even hear the cheering

  3. Ruben Neymar oof

    1:18 commentator says look what it takes for raptors to get him to play

  4. Badness Nards Collecting

    I thought Canadiens were supposed to be nice….

  5. Remember the fight in Django!
    Entertainment only.

  6. Kd should just leave the warriors the fans don’t respect him he deserves respect

  7. This is crazy how Toronto fans are trying to play the situation like it was all about the steel and basket (which could’ve had a small role). But how could that be when everyone knew KD came back from an injury. Everyone seen him go down and they celebrated because they knew with him being on the floor that there would be no way in hell they would win. The series probably would have been over lol.

    I coach youth football and everyone who attends the games (parents, teachers, brothers, sisters, cousins as well as the players and so on), understand that when a player gets injured you are to show respect for the one who is injured. When they are able to stand to their feet, both sides clap it up as well as the opposite team just as the Raptors did because at the end of the day, we have the love for the sport but we never want to see someone injured. So I say thank you to Kyle and his other teammates for showing great attitude, compassion, and love for a brotha who isn’t even on his team. Much respect

  8. They up there laughing and pointing while he is pain , breaks my heart ?

  9. No respect for Raptors for clapping

  10. Shyt Fake

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