GOTTA SEE IT: Fan Gets Ejected For Shoving Kyle Lowry In Game 3 Of NBA Finals

Watch as Kyle Lowry dives into the crowd for the ball and seems to be shoved by a fan in the seats.

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  1. This is the best video, because in all sincerity all the other ones, I actually thought he was trying to help him. Here, he clearly reached over to shove him.
    Imagine if he was babysittting.

  2. Banagher Links

    that fan is a man child

  3. He’s co owner of warriors

  4. Bella Bellabella

    Disgusting to see. ?. I hope he gets banned for life.

  5. Just a scared racist rich man

  6. Why did he jump into the crowd???

  7. curteyethecat700

    Maybe NBA should follow MLB with netting to prevent fan inference on court side seats!!!

  8. It's Your Highlights

    Ha weak

  9. Banagher Links

    if it was artest getting pushed, that fan would be destroyed.

  10. Sydney Shannon

    He should have hit his old ass back.

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