GOT the beat ‘Stamp On It’ Stage Video

GOT the beat’s first mini album “Stamp On It” will be released on January 16th (KST).

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  1. Please give them a good song… Please 🥲

  2. Can we talk about how demjointz never disappoints!

  3. shipping yeseo and go won bc I canㅋㅋㅋ🧁🤭

    am i the only one who thinks wendy and taeyeon look like twins? similar face, almost same hairstyles, same voice

  4. army forever 💜

    وربي احسن بكثير من الاولى

  5. Yo y las gudugugu cuando:

  6. Eu preciso dessa música no Spotify, socorr…estou apaixonada

  7. they should’ve at least added arabic subs, since they sampled an arabic song.

  8. I love Hyoyeon’s strong aura, her personality, and how talented she is.

  9. Watchin last year all those Kpop songs that came out, and now this i came to realization that kpop has to make new category for the shows: song that has more than 2 lines that make sense…. also music wise…well, i couldn’t listen past 01:30.
    Idk most kpop is just somekind of mix of randomised sound and lyrics, has zero relisten value. But i gues companies don’t care about that cause they have like 5 year cycle for those groups and kpop fans drop their faves like Fast fashion brands change their collections. So i guess they don’t care about the music in general

  10. Onedream company


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