Got My Repossessed F450 Back. The Full Story.



  1. Good to see it back man.

  2. That give away truck is hideous

  3. How do we sign up I need trail hauler

  4. Are you going to give away free candy from it down by the river? I think the van is more fitting.

  5. I pray anyone that sees this will one day be a billionaire

  6. Why does he need a truck ? To haul a soon to be repo ‘d 🚢 boat? Buy small the planet not your ego.

  7. Why do cute guys drive hideous trucks?

  8. Thx you for being a like minded human and pushing forwars from anything bud!!!!🤘

  9. Meme's-Tiktoks &more

    Why did the cop just drop the pursuit? Something is wierd

  10. This is kind of the reason every time we buy a vehicle one of the first questions we ask is do you have a title ? Some get offended but idgf.

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