Gordon Ramsay Served Chicken Dish That’s FILLED With Oil | Kitchen Nightmares

“That lobsters fresh. Although it passed away, it is still good”

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  1. #39 on trending street


  3. Brawl Stars fan

    Smells like death? FRESH

  4. Princessofnada87 j

    If Ramsay tasted and review most restaurants they’ll be out of business.

  5. “even though it died it’s still….. good”

    yup and my grandpa’s died a year ago but they’re going just fine

  6. Spencer Petunia

    Is is normal to keep the lobster tank that dense?

  7. Gordon Ramsey should try my schools lunch

  8. Ewwwww!!!Watch out for that Ammonia Smell!!??RIP
    Dead Lobster!!?

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