Google Pixel 6 event in 12 minutes

After all the leaks and rumours, Google formally declared the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro with new designs, new cameras, and the first-ever Google custom processor at its Pixel Fall Launch event. Here is everything from the event in 12 minutes.

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  1. 7:44 Why did I immediately get transported back to all the Tim and Eric skits that include Will Forte?

  2. Katie !! T{aa}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me

    Google Pixels have always had this nice aesthetic, from the home UI to the charging sound to optimization of stock mms, google photos, and phone apps. Really excited to see them keep their aesthetic, a long update cycle and the next stage of their pro phones! Those features and price point is just right!

  3. With a 3.5 mm phone jack missing, I will never buy one. “She who must be obeyed” will not allow sound at night and Bluetooth won’t make it through the night.
    Type c adapter won’t work because I’ll be charging it during the night. I’ll stick with a 4A.

  4. looks lame

  5. just got the 512 pro

  6. So, how fast tensor processor compared with sd 888+ or a15 bionic ?

  7. Beige. So. Much. Beige.

  8. Idk this is supposed to be competing with the new iphone that’s the go-to phone for casuals, people who want ease of use and for creators and the pixels big takeaway was better skin tones?

  9. “our first flagship phone”
    *Cries in nexus 6 and 6p*

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