Google Pixel 3a Durability Test! – Is Plastic Weak?!

Google just released the Pixel 3a, and its time for a Durability Test! Customize your own phone with dbrand HERE: As soon as the plastic Pixel 3a was announced, I was curious if Google put any thought into durability. If a smartphone, even a cheap smartphone cant survive abuse, then it might not be worth buying. In todays video we are going to durability test the Pixel 3a with a scratch test, and bend test, to see what the pixel 3a is made from. Do you care about using a plastic phone?

Only attempt your own repairs if you can accept personal responsibility for the outcomes, whether or not they are good or bad.


  1. Pocket Calculator

    Plastic is a far better material for phones than aluminum or glass.


  3. Can I have one of your phones?

  4. Rishabh Kulhare

    Jerry please do your thing on the ONE PLUS 7

  5. You should have added, “and my name is Zac” at the end of your rap.

  6. it protecc
    it attacc
    but most importantly…
    its got a headphone jacc

  7. Can i have the yallow one

  8. When it comes to phone body/back materials, plastic > aluminium >>>> glass.

  9. 2:35 PepeScoots

  10. I would have loved that phone but I’m a broke buy that still uses galaxy note 3 to this date. 🙁

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