Golden Buzzer: Sara James Wins Over Simon Cowell With “Lovely” by Billie Eilish | AGT 2022

13-year-old singer Sara James impresses the judges with her amazing voice. The singer performs “Lovely” by Billie Eilish.

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The 17th season of “America’s Got Talent” comes back with a new set of ambitious performers looking to compete for the utmost $1 million reward. Executive Producer Simon Cowell comes back to the star-studded judging panel with international fashion icon Heidi Klum, fan-favorite comedy performer Howie Mandel and heralded actress and global celebrity Sofia Vergara. The dynamic Terry Crews comes back as host. This season pledges to deliver some of the wildest acts to ever grace the “AGT” stage.

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  1. MkaaPwekeKariakoo

    She won the poland voice kids

  2. Polska górąąąąąąąąą

  3. Jessica Driscoll

    She’s an amazing singer period. But then when you realize she’s only 13, it’s just mind blowing trying to fathom how good she’ll be as she gets older and her voice matures and refines as she gains more and more experience.

  4. Droga Pani wyrazy szacunku.Bardzo piękne..

  5. Gratulacje Sara podbijesz Amerykę

  6. Dayimmmmm! Love it so much

  7. All you people who say she’s INCREDIBLE, do me a favor and break down the word? It means “not credible “ or “not convincing”. So I agree! She’s terrible!

  8. Krzysztof Synowiec

    POLSKA GUROM!!! Brawo Sara❤

  9. Michalina Kunicka

    Popłakałam się ze wzruszenia. Sara cała Polska i Ameryka jest z ciebie dumna ❤️🥹

  10. I like here voice verry verry much 👍🏽

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