GOLDBRIDGE Best Bits | Man United 1-3 Brighton

Mark Goldbridge best bits as Brighton beat Man United 3-1

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  1. Bring back Ole. Second place finish, third place finish and a side that at least looked like they hasn’t just met in the carpark for the first time.

  2. they’re not sure of the goal so just give it to them, what?😭😭😭😭

  3. Much love for goldbridge always gotta come to see his rage every time utd lose makes it that much sweeter for us LFC fans. Wish we had our own legend like this not going to lie 😂❤

  4. I remember being clowned by united fans last year for saying Martinez is a bang average defender, knew I was right all along

  5. Priceless. Keep it up Mark yes another comedy class and seems I am not the only Koppite appreciative of your droll humour

  6. ‘If they’re not sure, they’ve got to give the goal’

    That’s not how football works Mark

  7. “UK Gold FC” 😀

  8. This guy is an absolute joke machine. Talks utter utter bollocks, makes a farce of credible United fans, and has ZERO credibility via this fag packet channel..

  9. You’re the one that said Brighton weren’t doing so well and then Wellbeck scores.. You should learn not to predict, you nearly always get it wrong 😂

  10. “Your dog’s a slag” 😂😂😂 no one does it like Mark 👌

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