God of Destruction Vegeta OFFICIAL FIRST LOOK #DragonBallSuper

MAJOR Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 74 Spoiler Images unveil God of Destruction Vegeta Transformation against a SHOCKED Granolah. Vegeta vs Granolah is getting intriguing and I am curious about this new God of Destruction Vegeta Form.


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  1. A bit off topic but I was thinking about the heaters and their grand plan. With OG 73 I think the plan is to use the Dragonballs to transfer all the powers within OG 73 to one of the heaters. Just a thought.

  2. Maurizio Carcassona

    I’m not fine with the notion that hakaishin is a form, I definitely hope this is a transformation that is exclusive to Vegeta and has nothing to do with GoD.
    Anyways, it would be cool if spoilers weren’t introduced in the thumbnail itself…

  3. Now that thats finally out of the way its time to give frieza his next evolution

  4. TheAnc316ientone

    He better have eyebrows

  5. facial structure look like beerus

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