GOAT!!! What Really Happened (Jon Jones vs Ciryl Gane)

Jon Jones vs Ciryl Gane was a one-sided fight where Jones showed wrestling talent that Gane was not ready for. How did Jones set up the guillotine?

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  1. No eye pokes too

    • Good ole ass whopping. Great fight !!!

    • @Tone’sFightEmpire we will see

    • Tone'sFightEmpire

      @Daniel Morin See what? Jones Destroy the Heavyweight Division? Dude I’ve been trying to tell everybody for the longest time that the Heavyweight Division is the LEAST talented division in the ufc, but nobody listens, there’s levels to this and Jones is at a level where these Heavyweights can’t reach, Jones is the complete package and the GOAT, he would have Destroyed and Embarrassed Ngannou in front of the world. Easy Money for Jones.

    • AlexanderSalamander👽💚

      @Zombie killa 115 I call bullshit

  2. He should have never gotten a title fight in the ufc that some bullshit to all contenders to the belt….. also thanks for the money

  3. Man i’ll not gonna lie, this fight looked rigged. This guilhotine was bullshit and gane did nothing to defend it.

  4. Its not really a suffocating choke at this position but more a pain submission, if Gane didnt tap he wouldnt go to sleep but probably have his neck broken…is what Im trying to say I guess.

  5. Remember, UFC is an entertainment company, not sport. 😀

  6. Celui-ci vient de me faire mal, j’ai pris l’avion de France en Amérique pour voir mon combat d’idoles et il enregistre en deux minutes 😭

  7. No shavkat video…

  8. How could Gane not be prepared for that Guillotine when Jones does that same submission to so many of his opponents?

  9. How would Francis ngannou be best match for bones ? First of all he is scared , second of all are you forgetting a guy by the name of rampage Jackson ? Rampage was much more well rounded fighter with the same devastating punching power as Francis and jones had no problems

  10. No eye pokes No 6 to 12 elbow strikes No back of the head punches 1 nut shot Head crank Done.
    Jones will likely fight Stipe then retire imho. He has nothing else to gain for his legacy if beats Stipe. I just dont see the benefit or upside for him to continue on fighting in the UFC. Id imagine Pavlovich would be his biggest challenge after Stipe and would imagine he could run the table on his contract but again he would be risking injury and stock in other business ventures by doing so if he loses. This is why I thought Khabib was smart to get out on top also.

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