Go up SpaceX’s Starship-catching robotic launch tower with Elon Musk!

Today we are going up SpaceX’s Orbital Launch Tower with the utmost tour guide, Elon Musk. He’s going to travel us around the bottom, clarify how they plan to catch the booster with the chopsticks and then we will go up the elevator stopping at the quick disconnect and on the upper deck!

00:00 – Intro
00:45 – Tour Begins
02:00 – How to catch Starship
10:45 – Starlink 2 details
12:40 – Elevator up the tower
14:15 – Quick Disconnect Arm
17:20 – Top of tower
20:20 – The significance of making human beings multi-planetary
26:00 – Growing the economy
30:20 – Orbital Propellant Farm
32:00 – Outro


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  1. It is great that Tim got Elon to reflect, to see progress, but stay focused on reaching orbit first. There have been many seemingly impossible problems solve to get Falcon 9 now it’s the Starships time.

  2. I myself hope it ALL FAILS, just because you humans aren’t worth spit! I’m thinking the rest of the universe already has it’s eyes out for the annihilation of the stupid humans. I hate the humans, the earth and life! Get me out of here never to return!

  3. I like that even Elon is surprised at how beautiful it is at the top; and starts taking pictures himself. 🙂

  4. I think I caught a glimpse of Yi long for a second

  5. Brett Alexander

    I have no doubt he is going to get humanity there to mars whether or not we stay initially for long-term is up for debate, but he will get us there for sure in the next 20 years. What I’d love to see is to have you sit down with others that will create the infrastructure to live on mars. It’d be awesome to see Elons input on this topic. Getting there is seeming more and more realistic even as we look at it now but I’m still so curious how life support will work on the planet.

  6. 𝑆𝑡𝑣𝑛𝑛



  8. Excelente video. Saludos desde Ecuador 👌

  9. Is this thing electric?

  10. Epic tour. Thanks Tim, and Elon.

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