Go back to the Survival Bunker- I can not sleep.

My spouse Dave and I found this deserted survival bunker on land we purchased in Interior Alaska. It had been occupied by a prepper it appeared, and then left to the elements with a bad roof for decades.

It appeared really daunting to neat it up after our first effort, and we let it sit several weeks, deciding what to do with it. (Neat it up? Burn it? Leave it and move on to working the better part of the property?)

Meantime, Dave journeyed to Michigan to start a new project and I…. I could not sleep thinking of this mess sitting on our new property.
So- I got a dumpster delivered. Join me to look at what I endure with the cleanup and if I end up discovering any TREASURES!

Watch the relevation of the survival bunker in this past video clip:
“We purchased a deserted survival bunker”.

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