Global Open Beta Announcement // Premier – VALORANT

This is your early look at how VALORANT Premier is modifying the game in 2023, and news on how soon you can get your hands on the Premier Global Open Beta.

Game Director: Andy Ho
Global Head of VALORANT Esports: Leo Faria



  1. I feel like especially for lower ranks this won’t work at all because of smurfing

  2. Why does the music always go so hard

  3. BRO this might go INSANE.

  4. main im so interested for act 3

  5. This sounds dumb

  6. 야 발로란트야 좀 애들 다 정지 시켜라 확그냥 무 개념 애들 확 그냥 박아버릴라 내가 젤 큰데 ㅋㅋ 당해볼래 강간 당해볼래

  7. All this my game wont update and stuck at like 45% been uninstalling and installing so many times still havent fixed it

  8. i feel vct player rn 😎

  9. @lachlan PWR Valorant?

  10. I dont understand the direction of this game; VALORANT wants to be cross platform but then have VCT like its CSGO. Riot is tone deaf and wants to appeal to everyone and its ruining this game

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