Global Boga – Only you ( Nicole Thea’s 25th bday video clip)

i made this song for Maame NIco NIco. The love of my life

#nicolethea #reign#


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  1. This is so heart breaking honestly💔💔

  2. I’m American and this song is beautiful ❤️ I hope you never think this is your fault and one day you find love again . Also hope this doesn’t discourage you from any future kids. I hope one day find you find strength, comfort, and peace in knowing you will one day return to your Queen and Reign again and they will be waiting on you with open arms. Take care ❤️🤍💙

  3. Badgurl Magdalinaa


  4. Takiyah LaWhitney

    Rest In Peace beautiful and Reign 🤍 May God continue to strengthen and guide you Boga she is forever with you as well as Reign. That tattoo tribute is really EVERYTHING GOD BLESS THE ENTIRE FAMILY💕💕💕💕

  5. i am sorry boga i pray God heals you ,,cant stop crying,,

  6. R.I.P Nicole and Reign 👼🏾🥺🤍💙

  7. Why am I so teary…..continue to rest well beautiful ❤️

  8. RIP🥺🥺🥺

  9. What’s here to dislike y’all really miserable 😭
    We love you Nicole Thea, rest well ❤️

  10. Rip 😭😭

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