giving snakes there legs back.

god made a misnake. The very first 1,000 folks to use the link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare:


  1. finally someone cares enough to give the snakes their legs back 🐍❤

  2. Great video (have to dig through the wacky antics a bit to get to the good stuff) really cool either way.

  3. Not the hero we wanted but the hero we needed.

  4. shoot i know that guy from the reptile party place i work with him

  5. What happened to the days of being able to catch wild animals and people thinking about you as the cool kid! This is why it sucks to live now. Because there’s no such thing as living!

    Edit: Pokemon was actually created because the creater loved catching bugs as a kid.

  6. You see I learn something today… is that this whole thing was meaningless and pointless ☺️

  7. One word,,,, stupid!

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