Giving Matt His Secret Samurai @ Off Road Wrecker Games!

Link to GoFundMe for Robert Blake’s family:

We Finished Ed’s LJ20 Golden Nugget!

Goodbye Golden Nugget… Hi ’69 Dodge Charger!

I Found A 100 Year Old Deserted Tow Truck!

Joy Ride In Dad’s Car Leaves Teen Buried To The Frame!

Epic Barn Find Of A Lifetime, Waking Up An American Classic!

Abandoned ’69 Charger… Will It Drive 1,115 Miles?


Thanks for viewing, Daddy likes you.

#RobbyLayton #offroadwreckergames #solderstick


  1. Thanks to Solderstick for sponsoring this video. Get solderstick at 20% OFF with discount code “ROB20” at

    • MattsMurai looks pretty cool oh ya here’s a second name for That Samuari MattsMuari I 👋😎👍 and my condolences for the Robert’s family and friends 🙏🏻

    • I’ve used solder butt connectors. THEY’RE AWESOME. Although, I’ve been a little disappointed with the quality of some of them. I’ll have to give these ones a try. 👍👍

    • TwistedTommy'salterego

      Hey Robby I think you steal the Samorri back and paint it and sticker it in dedication to Robert.

  2. What is the place you ordered all the charger parts from?

  3. Samurai was my fist vehicle took everything to hit 60 lol now I wish I still had it

  4. What is the heat gun you were using?

  5. Wow, sorry for the families loss.

  6. First of all condoleances to the family.
    Certain cars are always prone to be in a traffick jam being the first of the line😉.
    So they know there are cars behind them.

  7. Banana, morvair, and the Sidekick right should be called the Sidekick

  8. Another awesome days work for the Robbie Layton crew! Hi Dinner !

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