Given the Keys to a NEW BOAT! (40ft Trimaran)

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0:00 – Start
2:52 – Lifting the Sails
5:28 – Interior Airflow
9:07 – Navigating into our bay (& dropping anchor)
10:42 – Shower Time!
13:47 – Weighing Anchor & Setting Sail
14:55 – Crusing past the well-known Limestone Pillars
16:15 – Entangled in a buoy!
17:54 – 8kn in 9kn of wind
19:22 – Sail review with Morrelli & Melvin

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  1. Sailing La Vagabonde

    Catch previous videos from our Trimaran Build (60ft Rapido) here:
    – Ep 1: Trimaran Reveal:
    – Ep 2: Interior Work Begins:
    – Ep 3: Gluing our Trimaran Together:
    – Ep 4: Our Electrical Propulsion:

    • Really cool theyre letting ya have a go witn the 40 and 50 footers

    • Yeah I feel the 60ft would be so much better. The 40ft is just kinda small. Though I still love the Catamaran 585 privilege. I just love this model. However that 60ft trimaran looks like The Bomb. Awesome man.

    • Hey everyone just received your text for Whatsapp but don’t have any thoughts in my head that was 1 month ago, need time watching New thanks for everything, hope that’s okay, because I am not on gram,or Facebook, YouTube only Lots of Luv HiDMaster

    • Can’t wait to see you on the 60ft. Gonna be like a tanker on sea.. smooth and cool. .

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  2. Hey! Not sure that is such a good place for an epirb – it wouldn’t have a clear view of the sky if it were submerged, you want it outside!

  3. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now I will find it hard to buy my Surf mud. Best kept secret for many years, go Sunny Coast

  4. sydney jade spracklen

    It would be so cool if they built boats with a fitting for an under water camera to see the bottom of the boat in shallow water. Like a dome that can self clean

  5. Love the animations 💯

  6. I hope you get some better winds, I’ve heard that trimarans can be very bumpy when the waves grow a bit.

  7. you should call the new vessel THE LA TRIVAGABONDE
    it’s a TRImaran
    it’s the the THIRD la vagabonde

  8. I’m not an aloes why you laying? Dea do its own things

  9. Hello!!!🖐😊

  10. Melanie Bradfield

    Great vid to show more of the sail set up and how it performs.
    Pity about the use of American terminology when you’re both Aussies. I get thấy you have a world wide audience but saying boo-ey and not boy for buoy and using ounces not millilitres in your AG promo really made me cringe as a fellow Aussie guys 😢

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