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Competition finishes ​04/13/2020, so enter before then! How to enter: Download Drop using this link: ​and link a debit or credit card when you sign up! If you download Drop from the App Store/Google Play, use my invite code: HEATH and link a debit/credit card!

SONG CREDIT: Janji – Heroes Tonight (feat.
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Friends in the video clip:

Zane – IG @Zane

Mariah – IG @mariahamato

Matt – IG @mattrking

Todd – IG @todderic_

David – IG @daviddobrik

Jason – IG @jasonnash

Carly – IG @carlyincontro

Erin – IG @eringilfoy

Scott – IG @vanilladingdong


  1. Mariah and heath take on dancing with the stars 😂

  2. this is the cutest funniest thing i’ve ever seen 🥰😍😂🤣😇😅🥰😍🤣😂😘

  3. Mariah drop your booty and legs workout please!!!

  4. I used to watch these videos for Heath, now I watch for Mariah.


    Now she’s a fun girlfriend

  6. Lol hes so turned on by her

  7. please dance like this at ur wedding !

  8. i laughed out loud so many times during this video! When heath gets super excited in the beginning of the chroeography hahaaha

  9. Mariah looking THICCCCC 🥴

  10. Why are y’all so damn perfect?! 😍😍😍

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