Gigantic iPhone 14 & 14 Pro Unboxing!

The new iPhone 14 line up is here! Today we are checking out the new iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max! Let us do a quick unboxing and hands on of everything new, before we just into that Real Day in the Life review.

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Find it here:
iPhone 14:
iPhone 14 Pro:


  1. Can you show what zoom to fill looks like on YouTube please for the 14 pro

  2. *I’m 14 and I’m Deep*

  3. I was hurt by no blue this year.. can’t wait to get my deep purple pro max.. not sure if it ships or gets delivered tomorrow..

  4. It’s a good phone however I wish there was a sim tray for the SIM card so much easier

  5. reviewing gadgets is no longer a personal thing. Apple literally sent everybody the same set of phones and accessories lol

  6. I Wanted to buy this but realised that i have to switch 780p becoz i cant afford watching this review in 1080p

    Poor sad life😕

  7. Im iphone 7 user i want to know tht is iphone 14 worth to upgrade?

  8. نبغى الفرق بين الايفون 13 برو من ناحية الكامرا 12 ميقا بكسل و كامرا 14 برو 48 ميقا بكسل

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