GIB KO’S AUSTIN MCBROOM!! LIVE Reaction to Gib Vs McBroom

Gib just had the performance of his life versus Austin McBroom. This is my friends and I (Rolling Cheeky) raw reaction to Gib’s Victory.

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ALL my socials below!

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  1. Let’s be honest YouTube boxing wouldn’t be where it is without Viddal training ksi who then challenged the pauls and then encouraged a few other YouTubers to fight.

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  3. Big league more like farmers league

  4. Humble Jake b**** a**

  5. You take someone else’s reaction then make them get your premium to see a reaction get outttaaaa here

  6. This Is what happens when you Don’t take training serious because Austin McBroom definitely was the more talented guy but he didn’t have the cardio to keep up and that’s what cost him the fight.

  7. I was so nervous. Gib is amazing!!!!! 🥵

  8. 3:40
    Vidal such a bad analysis. The way he’s so easily dismissed the gib and said Austin was going to win within four rounds is embarrassing..

    NOTHING.. there was absolutely nothing that suggested it was going to lose that fight.

    How can you claim to understand fighting and not see that

  9. 4:00 absolute casual… Man is headlighting his own card

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