Giant Axe Vs. 10 Fire Extinguishers!

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  1. Imagine the size of the lansky Puck and time spent sharpening this

  2. You guys need to create a ballistics gel mannequin

  3. jonas mikolajewicz

    Try divetanks under the big axe plz

  4. Should have somehow glued them together so they couldn’t get away

  5. and this proves what ?

  6. Alex the video kid

    You should get the biggest log you can find and then cut it

  7. Mini Pyro kamden

    I’m wondering about 50 phone books what it would look like

  8. Like the video to tell editor Jack he is doing an amazing job. Get the bell on to make Scott Gauson happy. Subscribe to get Derek Herron to smile. Become a member to get Brett Stanford to say “How good!”. Watch until the end of the video to become a member of the 44 club because How Ridiculous loves us and of course we love them! 🙂

  9. Can we see if it will split Justin Trudeau in half?

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