Giannis Antetokounmpo EMOTIONAL SPEECH – Most Valuable Player Award – 2019 NBA Awards


  1. Damn I felt that straight from the heart but Damn Trae look like a lil Demon

  2. Giannis gets a consistent jumper from deep, he’d be the MVP every year

  3. The Real Mvp ??

  4. The youngsters need people like Giannis to influence and inspired them, instead of stars with an empty lifestyle.

  5. Giannis is one of those dudes that is so humble and respectful. The amount of change and hope hes brought to the city of milwaukee is beyond describable. Ive never been this proud to be a bucks fan ever in my lifetime! With the time, effort, and dedication hes put into this game and the city…….he deserves this. Go bucks! #Fearthedeer

  6. 0:39 Masonic handshake or nah?

  7. The commissioner looks like a straight up alien

  8. Are gianni o kaliteros perifanos mas ekanes

  9. Giannis,tsitsipas,sakari,petrounias,stefanidi and korakaki is the bright future of greek athletism.

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