Slashback Video is brought to you by
Erick and Kiko of The Mystic Museum and Ryan and Ciara Turek.

Slashback Video is on exhibit through June 2020
at the Mystic Museum located at:
3204 W. Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, California.

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  1. Number 13 TRENDING

  2. Since were all #STAYHOME you guys might as well check out my Grandma’s recipes. By the way GREAT VIdeo. I Love it!

  3. Chocolate Chunkz

    Tim! Lmao yall always funny together!

  4. Do a collab with Berleezy

  5. Always love a new Dashie skit. This channel brings me back to my middle school days and all the good times I had. Thanks for all 10 years. And here’s to 10 more.

  6. I love how Dashie is a slightly better typist than me.

  7. No one gonna mention tha boy silas?

  8. #13 on trending. My boi these vids are gonna do just fine

  9. This shit funny af🤣🤣

  10. We need more skits Dashie 😭🙏🏾

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