Gf of missing kid’s father charged after body discovered

Theresa Balboa, the gf of Samuel Olson’s dad, has been charged with interfering with proof after a body reckoned to be the absent 5-year-old kid was located in a motel room in Jasper, Texas. The investigation into Samuel’s disappearance took a perturbing turn when it was found that he had not been seen at Cy-Fair ISD’s Holbrook Elementary School since April 30, a few weeks before he was reported missing.

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  1. RIP Beautiful child. May justice be served, and my condolences to the family. He’s safely God’s arms now.

  2. Jesus help us.

  3. If you kill adult. ! I understand!!!!! BUT killed a child ???? Unacceptable!!!! Please put that person in jail for ever please ! That is evil person

  4. The hotel manager didn’t know the child was missing????what about the father???he should be arrested too for putting his kid in harmways.

  5. Selfish Babe84

    Rest in peace poor baby but i want to say the reporter is cute

  6. Horribly sad!!!

    We must all become much more PRO-LIFE!!!

  7. mujeres luchonas

    I bet the father knew what happened to his son and didn’t say anything!

  8. Mackdaknife6669

    Some people shouldn’t have kids or even be around them.

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