Getting My Driver’s License

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  1. Thanks for saving me time from googling that idiom lmao

  2. Cameron Valencia

    Some tips when driving:

    Always keep your eyes on the road, even if something spills in your car.
    Only use a car horn when someone is not paying attention.
    Try to avoid driving during sunset, most accidents occur during this time.
    Try to avoid driving your friends around when you first learn, they’ll only serve as a distraction.
    Don’t have the music so loud, you won’t hear sirens.
    Don’t use your phone, anything can happen on the road, at any second you take your eyes off.
    Don’t be afraid to wait for the red light when turning left, drivers run late yellows many times. Some run red so watch to see them accelerate or decelerate.
    You can lean forward to check side mirrors to see your blind spot.

    Never assume people know what they’re doing when driving.

  3. RamiTrolleyRider

    Every Domics Video: THIS VIDEO IS SPONSORED BY A U D I B L E

  4. Ashleigh xStyle

    dude i get my license tomorrow… wack

  5. d A n K m E m E s

    ayy my mann finally uploads

  6. Just saw this on my recommended, no notification or anything, thanks YouTube. Nice video tho

  7. Cheyenne Felix

    “Can I drive?”
    Instructor – “I don’t know. Can you?”

  8. things but butter

    *am I the only one that heard “…like a G6” when he was discussing cars?*

  9. Mega Yierdan Y

    UA Driving school
    We teach kids with extraordinary powers to work a CAR

  10. TheAngryGamerTAG

    YOUR FUCKING WRONG YOU DONT LISTNEN TO BOOKSSSSS lmfao jk but frfr you do not listen to books while driving you bump in south eastern merica mostly because the bumpy ass roads but because music is better

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