Getting Licensed To Fly My Blackhawk Is Much Harder Than I Expected

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  1. Receive an Amazing New Player Pack, only available for the next 30 days! Play Conflict of Nations for FREE on PC or Mobile: 💥

  2. Im so Impressed by HeavyD every time this dude does anything. Honestly never thought I’d be a fan but here we are ❤

  3. I’m an ex A-10 combat pilot and 30 yr Airline pilot instructor in the B777. Many, many days spent instructing in full motion simulators. Dave, I commend you effort and enthusiasm. These SIMS are very valuable for letting you experience malfunctions on your very worst “day”. I liked your clear concise discussion for new pilots on how to move forward in flying. Great job.

  4. SallyFromTheValley


  5. Freedom Oklahoma (Steve)

    We didn’t have that fancy maintenance training in the 1990’s. It was all hands on. Approximately 2800 flight hours as a crew chief and flight instructor. I miss it bad. Would love an opportunity to fly once again. Reguardless love the content your putting out here. Thank You.

  6. How do you tow a helicopter? Piece by piece.

  7. I like your comment about “I took it very seriously”, that is important. Way back when (late 70’s) I instructed fixed wing at a university. I had mostly private pilot students with an occasional instrument and commercial guy tossed in. These were mostly colleges students taking some sort of aviation career path but for whatever reasons most did indeed take 6-8 months to finish their Private Pilot certification. Then I got a couple guys that needed to get their PP so they could start using their GI bill benefits. Both had a very short time before their GI benefits expired. Along with being very competitive they were the lowest timed guys I ever signed off for their check rides. One had 41 hours the other 43. They both finished in about 6 weeks. This was before the written test was computerized too so you had to wait a couple weeks to get your results back. Both went on to be professional pilots. It just takes motivation (and some extra coins come in handy too!🤑)

  8. totally impressed with your dedication

  9. Sarah Don't T[A]P Me!!

    Listening to your pilot license journey brought back memories. I got the bug after my first private airplane flight at young age and began flying lessons, like you the problem was being young doesn’t equal enough money to pay for flying so it took me a while as I had the money to pay for it. Glad to see the training and black hawk coming along. Can’t wait to see it in the skies here in Utah.

  10. I love watching your Blackhawk vids. Reminds me of my uncle who just passed and all .his ” toys”. I just went home a few.weeks ago and walked through his tanks, jeeps, 1/2 tracks, cannons etc. I hope you.get your licence soon!

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