‘Get us out of this terrible mess’: Brian Laundrie’s sibling pleads for him to capitulate to police

Brian Laundrie’s sibling, Cassie, spoke out exclusively to ABC News in the wake of her sibling’s disappearance after the death of his fiancée Gabby Petito. https://abc11.com/brian-laundrie-gabby-petito-cassie-update/11083630/


  1. I think the murders with those two woman in Moab and GP are connected and believe the murderer killed all 3…just not sure if Brian is the killer

  2. Hey Brian, how does it feel to know you can’t go ?

  3. сергей григорчук

    Brian is not a monster.
    This is a murder of the passion.

  4. Did she ask her brother where gabby was or why she was nt with them, after all she had brign living with his family for 2 years

  5. Why oh why does nt anyone awnser the question, “why did his parents need a lawer if they did not know Brian was missing or gabby”

  6. It is so crazy how a guy like this can look like a loving and attentive boyfriend from afar, but is probably a monster once the cameras cut off.

  7. She’s lying. He returned a month early without her and no one had any discussion about what happened. She’s lying.

  8. Patti stepupstaffing

    She knows her parents were involved. But she is choosing to word things for blood and future happenings. She of course as much as she can protect them.

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